library4The University of Libya was keen to develop the library and make it technically specialized and directed to serve the educational process and researches to help lecturers and students in their studies

When the library first opened it contained more than 189books and by the time it grew even bigger and now has books in several different specialties' including Business Law, Management, Marketing, General knowledge, economics , accounting, business law , financial management , information management ,

We have successfully teamed up with other libraries in a coordinated effort to obtain books. Which were chosen of selected specifically in order to fit the curriculum that the university offers.

The library also received books donated from the American embassy and some of the students and professors of the university itself.

There is no doubt that the use of technology is the modern solution to any technical and research problems that face libraries, therefore the library currently has more 10 computers and also subscription to the Internet service.

The library applies the open shelves system, which allows users to access all the contents with ease.

The students and academic staff can borrow the books for four days in order to help them in their researches. The library also contains past researches done by former students to help the current and future students in their researches.

Library Activities

The library has prepared a specialized magazine on the activities of the university and other variety of topics. It issued several copies with the help of enthusiastic university students. Its first copy was issued on 26/4, it contained 36 pages and around 1000 copy was distributed to students and other external libraries.

This is a picture of the magazine


Other library activities the participation in the Eswa Hasana magazine.


Library Working Hours

During the semester the library working hours are from 8am-4pm from Sunday until Thursday, it offers it services during this period.

Through my job in this small active library, I wish for it more success and prosperity in the coming years


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