IT Center

Objective of the IT Center

The Information Technology Center is responsible for the planning, implementing and managing of an integrated and effective information technology infrastructures and applications.

Moreover, usage and implementation of the latest methods and techniques, programs, systems, and equipments in the field of information technology in the university to be in the course of keeping pace with the steady and rapid changes and improvements in this active field.

The Center achieves for the university the following tasks:

  • Identify, recommend, develop, implement, and support cost-effective technology solutions that facilitate operation of the university and commensurate and consistent with the expectations and needs of the university community.
  • Design and develop effective computer information systems and high quality IT services in line with the expectations and needs of the university administration and the various colleges and departments to effectively and accurately improve the functionality and the performance of the work in all educational and administrative aspects.
  • Design , develop and manage of internal network of the university.
  • Design, develop and manage of the website and social media of the university.
  • Strengthen support and reinforce of the academic mission, and functions and enrichment of the educational process and scientific research in the university.
  • Provide consultation in the field of information technology for all member students and staff of the university.
  • Develop and implement controls, security solutions of the system network and website application.   
  • Providie administrative direction and support and troubleshooting for daily operations. 



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